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Sweet Success Event

Tuesdays 7:00PM

Why Attend

What to Bring


Meeting Attendance Prize Sheet

Always bring guests (18 and over) with you (earn while you learn) and inform them of what they will be doing that day/night (glamour makeover, microdermabrasion, Las Vegas legs, etc.). It is also a very good idea to inform your guests of how the consultants will dress, so they don’t feel awkward when they show up in jogging shorts and a tank top. And when you are bringing guests, be sure to bring enough supplies for each guest including: face case, disposable tray, facial cloth/wash cloth, cotton balls, sponge tip applicator, mascara wand, Mary Kay products, customer profile, sales ticket, pen, Look Book and Beauty Book, hostess packet and pen, calculator and calendar for yourself.

Your Mary Kay professional attire is a must! If you have questions about what is acceptable, please refer to Image in the New Consultant portion of the Training Center.

Your attitude affects your altitude. And your attitude also affects those around you. Please remember that we come from all walks of life and to be positive and respectful of those around you, and especially respectful of our speakers.

In order to receive your ribbons, pins, prizes, etc., be sure to bring your printed weekly accomplishment sheet (WAS), sales challenge sheet, etc. with you each week. If you are pinning a new, personal team member be sure to have her flowers and consultant pin ready.

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