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New Consultants

Welcome to Our Unit


I am thrilled that you have made the decision to start your Mary Kay Career!  As your Sales Director, working with new consultants is one of my favorite things to do!  I’m looking forward to working with you and supporting you in your new business.  Take a look at the New Consultant List below to get started in your business.   You can earn some fun prizes along the way.

Our exciting unit goals this year include building NEW Directors and free car drivers!  Will one of them be YOU?  Whatever goals you have for your Mary Kay business, I will be watching with pride as you carve your own path and pursue your dreams!

12 Step Power Program

Let's Talk Product

Are You Ready to Get Started??

NC Step1

Welcome to Mary Kay!  You should have received an email from me welcoming you to our unit. 

  • Make a list of everyone you know that you could practice with
  • Fill out the new consultant questionnaire and submit it to me
  • Check out this website and the New Consultant section
  • Watch the New Consultant Videos
  • Set up a time for orientation, either in person or on the phone if you are out of town.


  • Make a List of everyone you know
  • Fill out goal sheet & submit to me
  • Check out this website and the new cons section
  • Set up a time for orientation with Melanie either in person, or over the phone, if you are out of town.
NC Step2

Time to think about your product on hand decision!  Watch the video and check out these helpful resources.  I will work with you to help you decide which order and which products will be best for you!

NC Step3

Your debut party is a great way to kickoff your business!  Your recruiter or myself will attend so that we can help you learn how to conduct a skin care class.  The goal is to get lots of practice with your new customers, share the opportunity and also book many second color appointments.  We will also set up times for some of your guests to help you do a practice sharing appointment.  Strive to have at least 6 guests so you can practice with different ages, skin types and skin tones.  

NC Step3b

Using the list of people you know, you can start reaching out with calls/texts to book your first 10 people.  Use these scripts and tips to help you know exactly what to say.  These are MAGICAL words and they really work so just go for it and watch what happens!  

NC Step4

It’s so important to stay in touch with me so these tools will help you stay plugged in and motivated!  I will add you to our Facebook and Voxer Unit groups.  

NC Step5

If you treat your business like a business it will make you money,  If you treat it like a hobby it will cost you money!  Be a smart businesswoman and open up a ProPay account so you will be able to accept credit cards from your customers.  You can set up your own personal Mary Kay website by going to Mary Kay Intouch and following the steps under Business Tools.  It’s just $30 for the first year.   Opening up a separate bank account will allow you to keep your business money separate from your other finances. 

NC Step6

The Pink Boot Camp is a 4 week program for a New consultant. It is designed to help you understand the basics of how to run a successful Mary Kay business. Please mark your schedule to attend all 4 weeks so you get all the beginning training. It is so beneficial to be plugged in and learn how to do what we do! Can’t wait to see you there!

NC Step8

As you hold appointments with your first practice faces, track your progress on the Power Players sheet.  New consultants love doing the Perfect Start (15 faces in 15 days) and Power Start (30 faces in 30 days) challenges because it builds repetition and that leads to confidence.  

NC Step9

Mary Kay Ash asked all of us to “Pass it on” by sharing the business opportunity with others.  When you practice sharing the fun facts of how Mary Kay works with others you will start building your team and have so much fun . We schedule these Pearls of Sharing conversations over coffee or on the phone and you get to listen to how I share my quick I Story, business facts and get feedback.  

NC Step10

Mark Kay Ash said, “Those who show up, go up.”  Attending your local training meeting is a great way to gain product knowledge and sharpen your skills.  You can ask your questions, meet other consultants and have fun! We always encourage you to bring guests as “face models” for our product training.  They get pampered while you learn! Attire is Mary Kay professional, which is a skirt or dress.  No pants.  

NC Step11

Check out this wonderful resource tool under the Education tab on Mary Kay InTouch.  MK University is a series of 11 interactive lessons sprinkled with classic Mary Kay wisdom that will take you step by step through all of the important new consultants skills you will want to know about!  Take your time going through the lessons and watch your confidence grow!

NC Step12

When you have shared this business with at least 3 other women and they get started in their businesses by placing an order, you will earn your RED JACKET.  Being a Team Builder shows that you are ready to climb our ladder of success and show others how to do what you have just learned to do! Not only will you have the RED JACKET but I will present you with a new pair of RED STILLETTOS!